Rippling Table

Rippling Table

Just as a single drop of water expands ripples across the entire lake, a single act of goodness can spread beautiful patterns into the world.


Mesmerized by the laws of nature, the Rippling Table replicates that single moment of change, frozen in a snapshot in this timeless piece.


This beautiful table is made of steel structure which gives it stability and strength while the high quality glass resin creates a scratch free surface that lets you freely to enjoy your lunch or dinner with your family or friends. With a diameter of 1.50 cm and height of 76 cm the rippling table will seat comfortably 8 people around its curvature.


A limited piece of the Mousarris statement pieces collection.

Rippling Table
Rippling Table

Materials                           Resin Steel 

Dimensions                    D 120 x H 76 cm


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