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Memories Table

Memories Table

Let's create your favorite memory!


The Memories table is a unique piece of furniture designed to look like a figure box, holding a special surprise within. Inside the table, under a glass casing, is me with a flower friend, representing my earliest memory of friendship.  The table has an expandable mechanism, much like a figure toy box, which allows it to reveal this cherished memory when extended.  Not only does this transformation showcase the hidden figures, but it also increases the table's surface area, providing more space for use.


Additionally, people can send me their favorite memories, and I can create a custom sculpture for them to replace the existing one, allowing their special memory to be saved in the table forever.


Adding to the charm, the figure line and its accessories will continue to grow, with new accessories and clothes being released periodically.


The Memories table beautifully combines functionality with a personal touch, creating a piece that is both practical and ever-evolving

Materials                         Wood, Resin, Glass.

Dimensions                    125 cm x 125 cm X H 45 cm


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